AdVantage SDK consists of:

  • Builder application, a C# .NET customizable application for generating and exporting terrains.
  • C++ library, v0.70.

AdVantage Builder:

  • Generates terrains from heightmaps up to 64k x 64k samples (current BETA is limited to 32k x 32k)
  • Optimized triangle distribution with customizable triangle count.
  • Embed huge (64k x 64k or above) overlay textures into LOD system.
  • Embed any other data (objects, scene elements) into LOD system.
  • Powerful terrain mesh compression and additional optional data compression.

AdVantage Library:

  • Fast rendering technique that uses almost no CPU time, is GPU and VRAM friendly.
  • Smooth transition (morph) between LOD levels.
  • Provides user application with data buffers required for rendering at run-time.
  • Fast and exact collision detection support.
  • Multithreaded streaming and decompression systems for rendering and collision data.
  • Simple API.
  • Platform independent.